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Preparing the Tree for the Hurricane Season

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It is extremely easy for trees to be lost or damaged during a hurricane because of the intense and high winds. The heavy rains and strong winds of a hurricane can cause a lot of issues for a tree.  This is particularly true for trees with overgrown limbs, weak root system, or poor branch structure.  

It’s vital to take the required steps to hurricane-proof the trees to lower damage and help save it. If you don’t want to hire a tree removal Charlotte NC company, here are several tips you need to follow: 

Staking, Bracing, and Cabling Trees 

Wire or steel cabling interwoven strategically across the tree’s canopy offers additional support to tree limbs and trunks. It also helps prevent the trees from suddenly breaking and snapping from strong winds. Build or buy tree braces made from wooden blocks. If you choose to buy, the braces usually come with adjustable straps to fit easily on any tree and offer additional support and stop the trunk from bending in a storm.  

One great way to further brace the tree against high winds is to drive wooden stakes into the ground around trees and securing them to the trunk with hard strapping. It also stops the tree from being pulled off of the ground during a storm.  

Use Protective Wrapping to Cover Tree Trunks 

Tree trunks are just as vulnerable to damage as the rest of the tree. They play an equally vital role in keeping it steady during a storm. You can offer extra protection if you wrap the tree trunks with protective material such as burlap or row cover. These materials protect the tree against flying debris during the hurricane that might damage the trunk.  

Regularly Prune and Trim Trees to Avoid Damage 

A deep-rooted and strong tree might not fall during a hurricane. However, overgrown and weak canopy branches are prone to falling and damage. damaged, dead, and broken limbs can be torn from trees during a storm. They can become hazardous projectiles. These projectiles damage close structures as well as the health of your tree.  

Routine pruning and trimming over the course of life of the tree can produce a well-spaced and sturdy framework of healthy limbs with an open canopy that enables the wind to freely flow through. Get rid primarily of the interior limbs since this will thin the tree’s canopy and enable winds to easily pass through it. You’ve got to hire a certified and expert arborist to prune and trim the trees a couple of months before the hurricane season.  

Protect the Root Systems of the Tree 

The roots of your tree are not just for moving food and nutrients to the tree’s core. They’re vital to the tree’s overall strength and stability. The roots of your tree work like an anchor. It holds the tree securely. This is particularly true during high winds. One way to protect the roots of your tree is to apply mulch around it. Every year, you have to keep a layer of mulch around the tree’s base.  

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